Who Says you'll wear eye glasses/lenses for the rest of your life?

I am yet to meet anyone who wears prescription glasses or contacts and doesn’t wish they had better vision. The idea of an alternative to glasses or contacts is definitely appealing.
I never bothered to research the validity of any alternative methods of improving eyesight until my own daughter was diagnosed with some mild vision problems and prescribed glasses. I had poor sight when I was younger but all that is history now as I now see like an eagle without a contact lens.
My daughter was devastated at the idea of wearing glasses, so I decided to research alternatives to see if any of them were legitimate. As I expected, I found a lot of conflicting information, but some of the methods were at least worth a try, hurray! I was introduced to this natural cure and it cured  my daughter as she no longer uses glasses and now see both short and long object clearly. It has worked for over 200 Nigerians, I shared it with and you are the next to have clear vision if only you can do this simple task.  


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